Cheapest Plumber in SC

Are you looking for the Cheapest Plumber in SC? 

That may not be the best trait to look for in a Plumber. Usually if the plumber is cheapest in town there may be some reasons for that. He doesn’t have insurance to protect your home from damage that may occur, He is not state licensed to perform plumbing work over a certain amount. South Carolina allows a “specialty contractor” card.  What is that you ask? It allows someone to do plumbing work with out having to take a test!! That puts you the homeowner at risk. Improperly trained plumbers can cost you money and even damage to your property. Jordan & Sons Plumbing is  State Certified and tested to be a Master Plumber. Did you know in order to become a master Plumber in SC it takes as long as it does to become a lawyer? A good dependable plumber like the ones at Jordan & Sons Plumbing are always professional honest and fair. So when looking for a plumber look for the Best Value not just the cheapest. We’ve all heard you get what you pay for.

To save even more money look at our money saving Gold Value Customer Protection Plan.

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