Contests and Customers

In case you missed it, Jordan & Sons recently ran a quick and simple contest on Twitter. The premise was simple: “first five retweets win a coffee mug.”

Picture of our tweet promoting our contest.

Within a couple hours of launching the contest, we had our winners (we even picked up a couple followers). I know that doesn’t sound very impressive, but to us, it was. Not because we are desperate for twitter followers or retweets, but because we had fans — real, tangible people — engage with our promotion. So why does that get our blood pumping? The reason is quite simple, really: we love our customers, and we love when they love us. In all aspects of our business, we strive for customer satisfaction. We always give 110%, we never cut corners, and we will always go the proverbial extra mile. Our customers, one might say, are the reason we wake up in the mornings. That’s why a small time twitter contest that results in the engagement of our fans brings us so much joy. Do you mean it? Yes, we really, really do.

So next time Jordan & Sons runs a promotion — whether it’s on twitter, Facebook, or our website — make sure to participate. We’ll be happy that you did.

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