Cup of Joe Meets Joe the Plumber

The world of gourmet coffee making has just collided with plumbing technology, in a pretty crazy way. Someone has invented a very expensive and fancy faucet that brews the perfect cup of Joe, espresso, and cappuccino.


The coffee-brewing faucet is known as the TopBrewer, which was invented and developed by a family owned, 230-person company in Denmark, known as Scanomat.  In the early 1980s, Scanomat created the first-ever fully automatic cappuccino machine, but the company’s greatest success came in 2011 with the invention of the TopBrewer.


Innovative Design

A necessary component of the TopBrewer, the smallest milk foamer in the world, was developed by Scanomat’s CEO, Kim Vibe-Petersen, who says that he woke up one morning with the idea. The teeny tiny milk foamer is located in the tip of the faucet and is patented as the world’s smallest milk foamer. The tap of the TopBrewer is made from 80% of recycled stainless steele and can be installed into any table, or countertop, requiring only two small holes for the faucet and drain.


The rich coffee flavor produced by the TopBrewer is due to the fact that the brewer extracts over 10% more than other coffee makers and is full of even more glorious features.




If you’re not already excited about the TopBrewer’s technology, then the fact that it’s controlled by your iPhone, or iPad should certainly hype you up. With just one tap, your iDevice can control the machine. You can select the cup size, track beverages made, and, when you run out, you can even order more coffee beans with the app used to control the machine. In Europe, many coffee shops have installed TopBrewers, allowing business owners to use their iDevices to keep track of orders and make up to 4 cups of filtered coffee per minute per faucet.


Don’t use Apple products? No worries, Scanomat also offers LCD touch keyboards that can be installed evenly into your tabletop, or countertop, maintaining the sleek lines that make up its design.



Sweet Stuff

In the mood for something a little sweeter than your usual cup of Joe? Not a problem. You can add concentrated juices, tea, or hot chocolate to TopBrewer, which can also be controlled by your touch screen device. Oh, and did we mention that you’ll never have to clean it? The system cleans itself in between beverages and runs water through its hoses after each drink. Its self-cleansing mechanism recovers quickly before brewing another cup, taking only45 seconds to go from standby to brew-ready.


Holy Cash Cow

topbrewerUnfortunately, the gourmet beverages produced by the TopBrewer do not come cheap. If you want one of these bad boys, then you’ll have to fork out some serious cash: ranging from $11,000 to $15,000 to be exact.

Hopefully, over the next few years, the cost will come down so that we can all afford to get a taste of this amazing coffee technology.


Happy Holidays from Jordan & Sons!

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