Digless Pipe Repair

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From the middle ages, to Napoleon, to the American Revolution, to now, people care about their yards. We spend countless hours — years even — grooming our yards to look a certain way. We nitpick about the location of bushes and plants, swooping down like a hawk on his prey to remove the slightest trace of a weed. We love our yards, and it shows. The smell of fresh cut grass and the sound of lopping hedgers — both of which normally occur on Saturday — reveal our devotion.

We love our homes, too. There is something very American about owning your own property. Something very empowering about the ability to take a step back, pause for a gander, a deep breathe even, and realize that all you see is all yours — your little dominion.

But what happens when an uncontrollable, unfortunate circumstance threatens those things? What if you were told that you had to dig up your yard and tear out part of your floor because a sewer line — the line running underneath your house and your yard — needed repair? It’s a terrible thing, but it happens all the time — particularly, for owners of older homes. It’s a messy, time-consuming process, but a necessary one.

Even worse, imagine if you owned a factory or needed to repair a major road in the city. You would have to shut down production until the problem was resolved (costing you lots of money) or acquire permits to shut down a road and divert traffic elsewhere (a major headache).

So what do you do?

Fortunately, there is a product out there that enables plumbers to avoid digging when fixing a defective pipe. At Jordan & Sons Plumbing, we now offer this service.

Because we own this product, and have the technicians capable of implementing it, we can fix sewer, water, and storm pipes without digging up a single square inch.

How does this work? For more information, watch the video below:



If you care about your lawn, your home, or your business, and can’t afford the headache of having to dig up pipe, then use the no dig pipe repair system. It’s clean; it’s simple; it’s efficient.

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