Dripping Faucets

Did you know that letting the water drip from a outside hose bib can cost you hundreds of dollars a year. Many people take for granted the safe clean drinking water that we have at our disposal every day. Many countries have water that is contaminated with parasites or other dangerous organisms. The US has the safest drinking water in the world. That’s why is so important to protect one of our greatest resources.

Have you ever noticed that the outside hose bibb is leaking around the handle? Well this is usually a simple repair that can pay for itself within the first year.

Many people ignore this and allow it to continue for months until the faucet is so damaged that it must be replaced. Some of us may even ignore the leaking hose bib thinking it will just go into the ground. Some may even attach a hose to it with a spray nozzle to stop the drip. This allows constant pressure to build on the hose and cause it to prematurely wear out. Many times the repair can cost less than a new premium hose and sprayer.

Another problem found on homes is the hose bib (faucet) is not secured to the wall. This can turn into a nightmare if someone pulls on the hose just a little to far and water goes everywhere. So if you have any of these problems just give us a call you’ll be helping to conserve water our most precious resource.



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