Electrical Safety In Your Home

Did you know that electrical safety in your home starts with you?

Many times there are signs that there is something wrong that goes ignored until something happens. Things like lights flickering, light bulbs dimming when certain things are operating in the home. These things can be signs of a overloaded circuit. With today’s demands placed on electrical systems it might be time for Jordan & Sons to do an inspection. How old is your homes electrical could be a factor. When your homes electrical system first was installed there was no need for protection for computers, cell phones and high definition televisions. Therefore the electrical system wasn’t made to handle that type load and all these things puts that old system under load. This can lead to electric shorts, tripped breakers, and even harm to those devices plugged into the old receptacles. If you have any of these things occurring or just want a piece of mind that your home is safe contact Jordan & Sons for a electrical inspection of the home. If you mention that you seen this article on the Jordan  & Sons website we will even give a complimentary walk through visual inspection of the plumbing system. That’s right Jordan & Sons still does plumbing work also.

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