Halloween 2014 Pumpkin Contest Winner!

Jordan & Sons loves Halloween and, let’s be honest, any excuse to have some social media fun with a themed contest. This year, we decided to have a pumpkin carving contest and ended up getting entries from all across the United States. Not too bad for a locally owned plumbing and electrical company in South Carolina.

Our winner, Kate Rogers, entered her husband Bobby’s pumpkin in our contest, via Facebook. Her husband’s carving skills definitely paid off, literally, as the Barlow’s took home the $50 Visa gift card prize for this year’s Halloween 2014 Pumpkin Contest.

The winning pumpkin, carved by Bobby Rogers, was a carving of his wife, Kate.

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This year’s contestants didn’t make it easy for us to choose a winner. In honor of all of the amazing pumpkins entered this year, we’ve posted each one below, in no particular order.

1. Patricia, via Twitter 

We loved Patricia’s Spooky House and Bat pumpkin. We also thought that the way she took the picture of her pumpkin, lit-up and in the dark, made it extra spooky and the detail really popped out.


2. Laura, via Facebook 

Laura has been very active in our social media contests, throughout the years, and she has won more prizes than any other person that follows us on social media. It was no surprise to see that the Jordan & Sons contest champion sent us one of the cutest pumpkins we’ve ever seen. Her pumpkin was an adorable puppy, of course, with awesome detail. She used ribbon to make the ears and she even painted a tail on the back of her pumpkin.


3. Geordie, via Facebook 

Geordie’s skull pumpkin was one of our favorites. She told us that she was scared to send hers in because she had carved it a few days before and that, for some reason, hers looked like it was melted (haha). We told her to send it in anyways and we ended up loving it. Even though it looked “a little melted,” it actually made it look extra spooky.


4. Shawn, via Facebook 

Shawn is a student at Clemson University and carved one of the most accurate Tiger Paw pumpkins we’ve ever seen. He even included the famous tilt of the paw and “fish-hook,” which is a crucial detail that makes the official Clemson Tiger Paw complete. On Instagram, Shawn’s pumpkin got a lot of likes and one of them came from the official Clemson University Instagram account, which he was pretty excited about. Go Tigers!


 5. Andrea, via Facebook 

Andrea sent us an adorable and very creative pumpkin, which was a cat. She used two pumpkins, one for the head and one for the body, which she painted and glued whiskers and ears to. We loved how creative she was with her pumpkin design and it definitely stood out from the rest of the other pumpkins.


6. Taylor’s Harry Potter Pumpkin, via Instagram

Taylor sent in one of the most creative and loved pumpkins by all of the Harry Potter lovers of the world, including us, of course. The painted details, such as the lightning shaped scar on Harry’s forehead, black hair, glasses, and Gryffindor House colored scarf, was just awesome. Who doesn’t love Harry Potter? Well, we do so it was definitely one of our favorites!


7. Jeanine, via Twitter 

Jeanine got pretty creative with her pumpkin design, creating a graphic image of our company logo on her pumpkin, which looked like it was glowing. Her pumpkin was the first one entered into our contest and we were really excited to see it.


8. Brenda, via Facebook 

Brenda sent us a really cool pumpkin, which looked like a bubble gum machine. She used paint and real gumballs to make it look like a real bubble gum machine, which we loved. The bright colors of the gumballs really stand out and make you want a piece of delicious bubble gum.


9. Brooke, via Instagram

Brooke sent us her witch pumpkin carving on Instagram and it was definitely one of the best-carved pumpkins we’ve ever seen. This girl has some serious carving skills and, like many of the others, made it very hard to choose a winner.


10. Mary, via Twitter

Mary sent us her Minion pumpkin on Twitter and we thought it was awesome. We’re big fans of “Despicable Me” so we couldn’t help but love her carving. She told us that she carved the pumpkin for her kids, who are also big fans of the minions from the movie and we know they must have loved it as much as we did!


We didn’t expect to get so many awesome entries in this year’s Halloween 2014 Pumpkin Contest, but we are so excited about its success. All of the pumpkins sent in were incredible and very creative. Thank you to everyone that participated and we look forward to seeing your pumpkin creations in next year’s contest!

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