Things You Might Not Know About Liquid Plumber & Drano

At Jordan & Sons, we understand that most people aren’t exactly excited when they realize that they have to call the plumber, which is why we always try to keep our customers informed about things that they can do to prevent plumbing problems. The most serious issues are often caused by a few small problems that are either overlooked, or thought to be resolved by a “quick fix.”

There are tons of “quick fix” products on the market that claim that they can accomplish the same things that your plumber can, which is misleading. Yes, many of these products are helpful in fixing the “small stuff,” but, if they aren’t used correctly, they can actually turn the “small stuff” into “extremely big stuff.”

We want to share a few tips for you to keep in mind, if you ever decide to use products like these, such as Liquid Plumber, or Drano.


1. These are not safe to use in your toilet. 

  • Any chemicals that you put in the toilet stay there for a while. These chemicals heat up as they settle into the porcelain, which either causes the bowl to crack (meaning you’ll have to replace the entire toilet), or the chemicals could explode (meaning you’ll have to replace everything around the toilet that may become damaged by an explosion).
  • Both of these things are much more expensive than calling a plumber to come and repair the toilet with a drain snake, or plunger.

2. These are not safe to use, if you have plastic piping. 

  • Technically, you might be able to fix the clog by using one of these chemicals, but, unfortunately, your feelings of accomplishment could quickly shatter. These chemicals will begin to eat away at your plastic piping, quickly, and, over a longer period of time, they will also begin to eat away at and corrode metal piping.
  • Make sure that you know what your pipes of made of, before you decide to use something like Liquid Plumber, or Drano. You don’t want to have to re-pipe your entire home!
  • Call your plumber for recurring clogs to avoid long period use of these types of chemicals.

 3. Use these chemicals in moderation. 

  • Using Liquid Plumber, or Drano, one time isn’t going to ruin your pipes, but never use these chemicals in your toilet.
  • Read instruction labels before use.


These chemicals can help in some instances, but make sure that you use them safely and appropriately. Do not hesitate to call us with any questions that you might have, we are more than willing and happy to help!

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