New Years Resolutions

Upscale-Design-Happy-New-Year-2014-Image-4Every year as New Years Resolution come into play we hear a lot of promises that we make go undone. Some are going to the gym to loose that weight before the summer comes in. Others are going to church more. Saving and investing more money this year. No matter what your New Years Resolution may be you may want to think about home improvements. That’s right home improvements. Home improvements are some of the best investments you can make while also enjoying the rewards of them.
Lets take a few simple things such as saving water and electricity. By having energy efficient appliances and fixtures installed you could save hundreds to thousands of dollars a year. That could be put to good things like vacation trips!

Let’s start off with something that use 18% of the energy in your home. The water heater is the second largest energy expense in the typical home. There a several ways to cut your water heating bills:
1-Turn down the thermostats on your water heater. This will cause the water heater to cycle less and use less electricity or gas.
2-Insulate the water incoming and outgoing lines on the water heater at least 8′ft away.
3-Drain 3-gallons of water from the drain valve on your water heater every 3-months. This keeps the settlement from building up on the water heater.
3-Use less hot water. No we don’t mean to shower less, just install some low flow shower heads in the bathroom.
4-Replace the water heater in your home with a new energy efficient water heater like a continuous heater. A continuous water heater can save as much as 30% over a tank type water heater. This is achieved because it never heats until you open a hot water faucet in the home.
Now lets move over to another simple tip you can do to save money in your home. The light bulb is one. There are many different bulbs on the market these days. We will discuss these in a future article. However for now we are going to discuss a light bulb that uses 75% less energy and last up to 10 times more than a traditional incandescent bulb. It happens to be the CFL bulb. Cfl bulbs can pay for themselves in energy savings in less than 9-months and continue to save money each month. You can by Cfl bulbs that offer the same brightness and colors as traditional bulbs. Some Cfl bulb’s have a cover to further diffuse the light and provide a similar shape to the traditional incandescent bulbs.

Don’t delay on your New Years Resolution to save you money this year by doing just a few simple things. Make this the biggest New Years Ever.

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