We Are Plumbers; Sound Specialists Too?

It is alarming — unsettling really — when something goes “bang” in the night. The human mind, perhaps because of survival instincts, tends to imagine worst case scenarios. As such, quick and jolting noises are associated with clear and present danger. However, we are not all identical; the type of person you are determines how you respond to situations such as this one. Some people might think an intruder has broken into their house, while others may believe they are in the presence of ghosts. Whatever the case may be, the situation is undeniably frightening.

At Jordan & Sons Plumbing, we know that a common cause of banging or rattling is faulty plumbing. Whether it be a defective fill valve, a broken shut-off valve, or the sound of “water hammer,” something needs fixing. If the problem is not addressed, more extensive — potentially structural — damage could occur.

So if noises in the night, or anytime of day, are your problem, save yourself the trouble and call Jordan & Sons today. Ultimately, your wallet will be much thicker and you’ll give your heart more years. We can silence your noisy problems and get you back to a peaceful night of sleep.


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