GPS Maximizes Plumber Promptness

Why are plumbers always late? This seems to be a question — for good reason — asked hundreds, if not thousands, of times. While some tardiness can be explained by uncontrollable elements such as traffic conditions, weather, and truck issues, it is inexcusable to not inform the customer of such delays.

At Jordan & Sons Plumbing, we have a state-of-the-art GPS vehicle tracking and dispatch system in place. This system ensures that our plumbers stay on schedule.

Now, not every call goes the way we like. Unforeseeable things undoubtedly arise, which cause us to run behind schedule. However, with the ability to track our service and delivery trucks, we can lessen the incidence of tardiness. But, when those times of tardiness do arise, we know that the key is communicating with the customer.

Jordan & Sons Plumbing has the ability to send a GPS tracked vehicle of any one of our trucks to a customer so they can see on their computer or mobile device the progression of our technician as he or she advances to your home are business.

So, next time you call for service, ask one of our customer service representatives to send you the link to track your service vehicle to your home.

These are just some of the ways that we ensure we are “Plumber Like No Other.”

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