At Jordan & Sons Plumbing, we offer unparalleled plumbing and electrical services. We sell and use top-of-the-line products, too. All of our products are stored in-house and are readily available. We want our customers to have the things they want/need, when they want/need them. Listed below are just a few of our highlighted products.


As local experts in our industry, Jordan & Sons knows the value of maintaining clean pipes. That is why we offer, and frequently sell, RootX, a product designed to eliminate underground roots that have infiltrated the piping system.

One of the products we offer at Jordan & Sons PlumbingHow does this work? RootX uses an aquatic herbicide known as Dichlobenil. Combined with a patented formula that expands and foams when contacted with water, Dichlobenil is lifted to the top of the pipe where 90% of pipeline roots grow. Once in contact with the roots, the formula kills them on contact. Moreover, the product foam leaves a residue on the pipe walls that prevents root re-growth.

Cable cleaning or ulterior methods of cleaning pipes will only remove some of the roots during a clean, which raises the probability of a line stoppage occurrence. When cleaning with RootX, all of the roots are destroyed and prevented from coming back. We are highly confident that RootX is the perfect product for removing root infiltrations. So confident, in fact, that if we use this product to treat your drains and the procedure proves ineffective, we will offer a full refund within a year.

Water Alarms 

Wouldn’t it be nice if homeowners could be alerted of a water spillage the second it occurred? With water alarms, they can. These little devices are one of the best things that you can put in your home. They are inexpensive and can save you the cost of water damage repair. Say, for example, you accidentally let the bathtub run too long or forgot to turn off the sink faucet and water spilled onto the floor. With an installed water alarm, you would be alerted of this costly problem so that you have a chance to prevent it.

The units can be installed in any room of the home and go unnoticed. They are small and discrete, but pack a large cost-prevention punch. They run off of a 9-volt battery which easily keeps the alarm powered for a year, and, because of this, can easily be moved from room to room. They operate in a similar fashion to smoke alarms, but, when triggered, give off a distinct, recognizable sound. Water alarms are an excellent product. When installed and implemented properly, they are, in our opinion, a smart addition to any home.


Throughout the course of days, month, and years, food particles, dish soap, and grease buildup begin to slow down your drains. What happens is that every time you put something into the drain, a residue begins to accumulate on the piping. As more and more residue builds, the pipe becomes slower and slower. Garbage disposals make matters worse because they make food particles smaller, and thus, more capable of attaching to the pipe walls. This problem is not limited to kitchens, however, as soaps, shaving cream, and hair do this in bathrooms, and in laundry rooms, soap residue, lint, and laundry detergents are the culprits. Eventually, after a period of accumulation from these elements, the pipe will clog.

To fix this problem, or rather, to prevent the problem, Jordan & Sons Plumbing sells a unique blend of drain enzyme: Jordanzyme. The bacteria within this product attack and consume the organic matter that clogs your pipes. This ensures that your pipes are squeaky clean and function at their maximum capacity. Moreover, stagnated matter within a pipe can cause an unpleasant odor. When the good bacteria from Jordanzyme eat this matter, they consume the smell, too. Ultimately, if your drains do not receive periodic care they will eventually clog. That is why it is so important to follow a regular maintenance program. No one enjoys the foul odors, messy clean up, and hassles of clogged drains. Avoid these types of problems by maintaining your drain lines with Jordanzyme.

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