Valued Customer Protection Plans

Jordan & Sons was the first company in the “Pee Dee” area to offer VCP plans. Valued Customer Protection Plans give our customers piece of mind because they know that we will be there for 24/7 emergency service at no additional charge. What if I have an overflowing toilet on Christmas morning? No worries. With your VCP, we will fix the problem and it won’t cost you a penny more than a normal service call. That’s right. With the VCP, there are no additional charges for nights, weekends, or holidays.

Jordan & Sons Plumbing Value Customer Protection Plan Image

Other benefits to the VCP? Preferred scheduling, 10-15% discount on all services and products, free home inspection at the end of the contract with a full write-up of any deficiencies found, enlisted to receive the company newsletter containing more money saving items and articles. flushing and 14 point check-up of the water heater, minor adjustments during any of our visits at no additional charge, tagging of emergency shut off valves, and a complete list of any service or product that we have ever provided to you. The VCP is offered in one, two, and three year plans to all of our customers.

If you would like some more information on the VCP, please contact one of the Jordan & Sons Plumbing service technicians.



The Jordan & Sons Plumbing service department has an easy solution to all those problems caused by sand, sludge, and grease: hydro-jetting. The service allows us to use high-pressure water to blast away the stoppages and clean out 100% of the line. After performing this service, your pipes will be as clean as they were on the day of installation. The technology uses a combination of water and pressure (3000 PSI to be exact) to eliminate pipe clogs. We can perform this service in kitchens, bathrooms, restaurants, large industrial plants, and storm drains. The process is environmentally safe, faster than conventional cable cleaning, and will cause your pipes no harm.


Sewer & Drain Cleaning

This service is similar to hydro-jetting in that it cleans your pipes. However, this service is used for the heavy duty pipe clog. At Jordan & Sons Plumbing, we have the best combinations of drain cleaning equipment. We have electric cable cleaning equipment that allow us to clean pipes ranging from small residential drains to large city municipal drains. We have machines large enough to clean out the heaviest amount of roots found in lines. Of course, all pipes and all clogs are different so every job will require a specific period of evaluation followed by a taylor-made procedure. When using this service with Jordan & Sons Plumbing, the project will be handled by fully trained service people that can not only open the line(s), but educate you with preventative measures (i.e. a drain enzyme and root killing foam).


Water Heater Sales & Service

Jordan & Sons Plumbing is factory-trained and authorized to install and service continuous-type water heaters. In addition to installing these water heaters, we can also service them. Brands such as State, Rudd, Rhem, AO Smith, Rinnai, Bradford White, Sears, Whirlpool, Maytag, American, Sea Horse, and Palarmo are well within our areas of expertise. When it comes to hot water heaters, Jordan & Sons Plumbing keeps more parts than any other plumbing company in our market, and we’re always prepared for when our customers call. Our mobile warehouses, for example, even keep water heaters in stock for those night, weekend, and holiday emergencies. You know what that means? No waiting on parts or service. We are at your disposal 24/7. It’s all part of what makes us “A Plumber Like No Other.”



Jordan & Sons Plumbing is state licensed in backflow testing, repairs, and installations. We service all of the leading manufacturer’s models. From 3/4 inch to 10 inch, we do it all. We are also confined-space-approved and have been in the backflow business since 1979. We are the only company in the “Pee Dee” region that stocks repair parts and keeps an extensive record of all tests and results on our state-of-the-art computer system.


Video Pipe Inspection / Locating Service

The Jordan & Sons Plumbing video pipe inspection service is second to none. This service gives our technicians the ability to look inside of the troublesome piping or duct system. What’s the benefit? By giving our technicians the power to see something they otherwise wouldn’t, we give them the ability to properly identify and diagnose the problem. Unlike many other companies that use guesswork for the diagnosis, Jordan & Sons Plumbing technicians have tangible evidence.

How does it work? The system allows us to pin-point the exact location of the problem by using a built-in GPS transmitter. We use a receiver to track the GPS so that we always know exactly where we have a problem. This helps save you time and money on repairs and allows us to know whether a preventative treatment would be of any help.

Shawn Jordan, son of Anthony Jordan, inserting video camera into pipe in Florence, SC.

Benefits to this service? Well, for starters, you can see the problem with your own two eyes. Not to mention the lines can be inspected and taped for further examination and documentation. Also, we will be able to see the condition inside of your pipes or ducts. This will help us determine if you have mold or other harmful items within them. Always remember that if your lines are under warranty we will inspect them before that warranty expires and tackle any future problems that may arise.

The technical stuff? We can perform the video pipe inspection service on pipes ranging from 2” – 36”. Basically, if you need a pipe inspected, we can get the job done.


Residential Electric Service

Jordan & Sons Plumbing recently began a breach into the electrical market. We figured that electricity is no different from water: it’s all about the flow. Since we began our new campaign, we have acquired several electricians that are qualified, background checked, have spent hours in training, and are at the top of their profession. You can rest assured that when it comes to residential electric work, Jordan & Sons Plumbing will get the job done right. The exact same professionalism we use for our plumbing work, will undeniably carry over into our electric department. Our plumbers, for example, wear booties when entering a customer’s home. The same will be true of our electricians.

What can your electricians do for me? The Jordan & Sons Plumbing electrical branch can provide electrical upgrades and enhancements to your home. Whether you require a safety, security, or “just-for-fun” enhancement, we can satisfy all of your electrical needs. It’s true we just began our journey down the electrical road, but don’t underestimate our newcomer status. With great success, we have been in the plumbing business since 1979; our electrical side will follow suit.