Sewer Problems During the Holidays

People often wonder why sewer and drain problems come at the worst times possible such as holidays. During the holidays the drain system in your home becomes overwhelmed with higher volumes of water and waste. With family and friends coming home for the holidays drain systems get a higher volume of water rushing through them. A drain that normally has a 2-4 person usage suddenly is asked to allow for a 6-8+ usage rate. Without proper drain maintenance this is when problems occur.

By keeping drains clean of build up you have a better chance of having trouble free drains.

So what are some of the things that you can do before company arrives?

  • One is to use a regular drain enzyme on your waste system. This helps keep buildup in the drains from building on the walls of the drain system. Things like animal fats, vegetable oils, hair buildup, and other unmentionable items.
  • Try to space out showers to allow drains to empty out between uses.
  • Be careful what goes down the disposal drain, instead give “Kitty Kitty” or “Rover” a holiday treat. Not to much though.
  • Start that compost pile in the back for next years spring garden.
  • Have your drain lines video inspected before company arrives. It may save you a disaster while you have company.
  • Try and use biodegradable toilet tissue that’s safe for septic tanks and sewer lines. It breaks down faster and is less likely to stop up a drain.

By following these tips you can lesson the chance of having a problem in the Home during the Holidays. But remember if you do have a problem we offer 24 hour emergency services. Visit us at for other tips for both plumbing and electrical.

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