Spreading the Word Contest

Who likes free food? We sure do. That is why we are offering a $35 gift card, viable at restaurants ranging from New York Prime to California Dreaming, and three voucher certificates for a free dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts to our fans. We care deeply about our customers. Because of that, we always want them to not only stay informed about our company, but to be engaged with us. As such, we like to run frequent contests just to let our customers know how much we care.

Contest Framework:

In order to win this contest, all you have to do is get your friends to become our friends. Think of it as setting up your friend on a date. (Our company, of course, in that analogy, is the charming suitor, or, if you really want, the desirable princess). Either way, we want to spread the good news of Jordan & Sons Plumbing & Electrical to as many people as we can, and we need your help in doing so.

Participation Guidelines: 

If you are interested in this contest and the prizes it has to offer, reach out to your friends — who haven’t done so already — and get them to follow us on twitter, like our Facebook page, or give us a +1 on Google, etc. After your friends do this, get them to notify our company. For example, if they liked our Facebook wall, tell them to post a notification on our wall that tags your name in it; if they follow us on twitter, tell them to tweet at us with your name mentioned. Whoever has the highest score, by the end of the contest, will win. What do I mean by the highest score? If John Doe gets six of his friends to like our Facebook page, four of his friends to follow us on twitter, and one of his friends to write a company review, then he will have a score of 11.

6 Facebook Likes + 4 Twitter Followers + 1 Company Review = 11 Total Points

In addition to the grand prize, we are offering a secondary prize to one of the friends of our winner. Say, for example, John Doe ended up winning the contest with a total score of 11. Jordan & Sons would then put those 11 names into a hat and randomly select a winner. The winner of this portion of the contest will receive a $25 gift certificate to Angelo’s Steak and Pasta. Enjoy!

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