Spring Time in South Carolina

imagesAs Spring time fast approaches we realize old man winter is leaving us. And this year has been a brutal winter for all of us so we are glad to see Spring. There are many great things about the spring that we love such as the blooming flowers, warmer temperatures, and all the bright colors that fill our yards. The ability to be able to spend time with family and friends in the yard. Enjoying company and cookouts. While all these things are a part of spring it also leads to other things that we are not so fond of. Such as pollen, and new root growth. As a plumber we know about new root growth and all the problems that it brings in the spring time. As everything grows and blossoms above ground so does roots below ground. Hence the need for plumbers and drain cleaning equipment.

We know that roots need three basic things to survive.

  • They need soil (most of the time) to grow.
  • They need a food source.
  • They need water.

Your sewer system provides two out of the three things for roots to grow. The waste water is the perfect source to allow roots to grow. During dry conditions the roots look for a alternative to rain water and will travel many feet to find water. Any small breaks are openings in a sewer line allow small roots to gain entry into a sewer line. Once the little roots establish themselves inside they pipe it leads to larger roots following them. This is where the damage to lines occur along with that dreadful stoppage.  As a third generation plumbing company Jordan & Sons Plumbing has seen this occur over and over again. But it can be prevented if caught soon enough. Want to know ways to help preventing this from happening give us a call or follow us on Facebook or twitter for tips.




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