Sprinkler Systems

Your Sprinkler System is taking your money.

At Jordan & Sons Plumbing we see many yard sprinkler systems that are wasting water by not being adjusted correctly. Heads are not adjusted to spray areas that need the water the most. Water spraying on driveways, sidewalks, parking lots, and buildings. Another waste is frequency and length of time. Many people over water there  yards. By taking a few extra steps you can save money along with having a healthier yard. Cutting back on watering times based on need is just one means of saving money. Installing a rain sensor on your  irrigation system will also help.

This sensor  will shut your system down automatically when nature is watering your yard.

Staggering water days will also help save money. Many people over water there yards and this can also effects the health of there yard. Need a evaluation from a expert? Give us a call we’ll be glad to save you money and water.

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