Unclog Your Drains, Naturally

At Jordan & Sons Plumbing and Electrical, we get a lot of calls from customers with clogged drains, toilets, and pipes. Of course, we can help and are more than happy to; it’s what we do! However, we believe in going above and beyond for our customers, by providing you with tips and tricks to save you money on your plumbing costs.

Below, you will find natural, D.I.Y. solutions for unclogging drains, which could cost you about 97% less than what the average plumbing company charges for their services.

1. Use Household Products: Baking Soda, Vinegar, & Water

10abb76ecffb41e412239f64fb3073b9What you need:

1/2 cup baking soda

1/2 cup vinegar

1/2 gallon boiling water


Combine baking soda and vinegar in a bowl and then pour it into the drain. Allow the combination foam up and sit for 3 hours before following with boiling water. Repeat as needed.

2. Plunger and/or a Drain Cleaning Brush


Place the plunger over the drain to create a seal, then work the handle up and down to try and break apart what is clogging the drain.

Drain Cleaning Brush 

Make sure that the brush you are using is longer than the drain in question, then work the brush up and down the drain to break apart whatever may be causing the clog.

3. The Wrench & Bucket Method

h-100_1_6Beneath the sink, place a bucket under the P-trap. Use a wrench to remove the coupling nuts, clean the trap, and reassemble when finished. If the trap is clean, feed a drain cleaning brush directly into the pipe in the wall and proceed to clean.



4. The Wire Hanger Method

If your sink, shower, or bathtub drain is clogged, it could be because of hair build up in the drain and it is easy to get rid of with a wire hanger. Bend a wire hanger so that it is almost completely straightened out. Remove the drain stopper, or strainer and move the slightly curved end of the hanger down the drain. Move the hanger back and forth in a circular motion and pull the hanger out, trying to remove any hair that may be stuck in the drain. Repeat as needed until the hair is removed from the drain.

5. Tips for Preventing Clogs

  • Once a week, toss in a few frozen cubes of white vinegar and turn on your disposal. The vinegar will get into all of the moving nooks and crannies that are otherwise hard to get to and the ice will sharpen your blades.
  • Running hot water down the drain after each use can help prevent unwanted clogs.


  • ¬†The purchase and use of a drain strainer can prevent hair and food from entering and clogging the drain.
  • To avoid grease clogging the drain, use an old jar, or soup can to pour grease and other fatty substances into. After the grease has hardened, you can throw it away in the trash, rather than allowing it to harden in your drains, or pipes and cause a clog.
  • Avoid flushing anything other than toilet paper and waste down the toilet, including wet wipes, feminine products, and other fibrous materials.


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